1990 Eastman Road Race

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2 generations of Elpers and 3 generations of Lawsons Ashok Gala crosses the line Bobby Baker was 3rd in the 2 Mile Walk Debbie Davis-Waltermire toes the line

Lee Hammer (Peterson) shows fine form Eugene Dobbs with daughter Rachel Kevin Houin, a transplanted "Hoosier" Lesa (Moody) Haynes works the registration tables

Martha Lawson shows off newborn Krista Montgomery Hunter finishes strong Marcie Elpers was just a wee lassie Paul Hammes has given his all

Phil Heidt is a blur of speed The original 1989 race flyer Steve Vance has a great kick Larry Clark Jr. wins the 10K in 30:42

Richard and Ranette Tyner check out the shoes at the Runners' Expo

Kim Byrd is first 10K female with a time of 35:37

Roger and Susan Chadwell sign up with their son J.T.

David Dinsmore helps daughter Rachel with her number, while wife Teresa readies son Greg. Meanwhile son Adam waits patiently in the stroller

Kathleen Futcher watches as her dad Jack puts cheese on Mary's spaghetti. This was the first year featuring a pasta dinner! Marilyn Bellamy picks up her race shirt from volunteer Charlotte DeVault The start of the 2 Mile Walk  

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