1983 Eastman Road Race

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The start of the 10K Gary Ledford and Bob Parsley join hands to cross the 10K finish in a virtual tie for first place Dee Fox won the 10K female division in 38:56 Harriet Locke explains her race strategy with John Tomko
Richard Thress breaks the tape in the 2 Mile Run Jody Gilreath was the only wheelchair participant in the 10K race. He finished in 1:09:56 Matthew Osborne samples the doughnuts Pete Shoun picks up his race shirt
Jessica McGee, left, picks up her race shirt from Kathy Harlan Genell Curl and Bob Winter cool off after the race Todd Buckingham and Annette Andersen have just picked up their shirts The top 3 men in the 10K were, from left: Steve Feagins (3rd), Gary Ledford (1st), and Bob Parsley (2nd)
10K women winners, from left: Ann Faulkner (3rd), Dee Fox (1st), and Leslie Nier (2nd) The top Eastman employees in the 10K were Judy Green and Frank Cooke    

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