1980 Eastman Road Race

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How it all started... the
Kodak Centennial 10K Road Race
The 1980 tshirt design
(from an original shirt donated by Richard Tyner)
Cooling off after the 10K Run Louis Kenny breaks the 10K tape in 30:10

10K winners, from left:

Gary Cohen (3rd male), Sarah Barron (2nd female), Norman Blair (2nd male), Gloria Oster (3rd female), Louis Kenny (1st male), Barbara Daye (1st female)

2 Mile winners, from left:

Front Row: Donna Sturgill (1st female), Amy Sanders (2nd female), and Carol Owens (3rd female)

Back Row: Frank Cooke (1st male), Martin Robinette (3rd male), and Brett Frazier (2nd male)

Adam Hylton (3), son of Keith Hylton, eating a doughnut before the Fun Run Frank Oglesby (69), Eastman retiree, was the oldest 10K participant

Mary Kathryn Shands has her shoelaces checked by father Danny Shands Members of the ERC Bicycle Club were on hand to help runners on the courses Tim Vaughn rests his feet after the 2-mile Fun Run The wheelchair participants in the 10K race were, from left: David Alberts, John O'Donnell, and Jody Gilreath

From left, Angelia Spears pushes Susan Landes, Becky Landes pushes Jennifer Landes, and Sally Smith pushes Derek Smith Susan Sharpe walks along
with daughter Sally

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